Blogger | Freelance Writer | UI / Web Designer.

My passion is the written word, and I am inspired by various subjects.  Conceptually, AboveStatic.com is about living above the fray and choosing to evolve without nonsense.  I am a lifestyle blogger and enjoy exploring various topics such as trends in education, health, psychology, social issues, human interest stories, parenting and more.  Some posts are a commentary and others are research-based. I also enjoy freelance writing and creating clean, attractive, and intuitive websites.

Professional History.

My professional experiences are in writing, web design, education and training, and more. Recently, as a contributing writer at The Bolton Independent, I covered local education and human interest stories.  For many years, I owned a Web Design company, BoldHost, Inc., where I concentrated on design/development and maintenance across different industries, as well as creating e-fundraising sites and campaigns.  Prior to that, I spent years as a Regional Manager, and subsequently a consultant, for educational learning centers in Northern Virginia.  My key roles were leading, managing, training and motivating employees in sales and management.  Other professional experiences include teaching and direct marketing.  I graduated from Gettysburg College with a degree in Psychology & Education.

Advocacy & Volunteer Efforts.

As a strong advocate for children and education, I spent five years as an elected parent representative for our public school’s council.  There I served as an advisor to the principal regarding communication, safety, school improvement plans, survey development and analysis, while also advocating for parents and students on issues as they arose.  Additionally, I am a co-founder of Nashoba Food Allergy Education & Awareness [NFAE].  At NFAE, I  worked directly with school administration to promote food allergy awareness and co-write the Nashoba Regional School District Food Allergy Policy. For more detail, please read Boosting Food Allergy Awareness.

Off the Clock.

I am a Mom of three children, a boy and twin girls, married, and living in the Pittsburgh Area.  Our family relocated from Massachusetts, and previously, Northern Virginia. We enjoy reading, writing, technology, art, hiking, kayaking and the great outdoors.